Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fat Louie $2,200

There is something about Louie's markings that makes him look angry all the time.

He looks grumpy doesn't he. Funny that he was the first puppy to make little growling noises.

He's also the only puppy that wanted to climb into my lap instead of have his photos taken.

He cried like a baby when I told him he had to do the photos first.

He tried to walk away but I told him he looked like a guinea pig,

which upset him causing him to loose his balance.

then he just lay there looking angry again.

I told him we should show people what a big boy he is.

 Yea, I laughed too.

That's why he put his angry face back on.

Awww, come on Louie, don't be like that...

The End.

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