Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Grumpy Bulldog Puppy Returns

So Fat Louie, AKA The Grumpy Bulldog Puppy was very upset with me when I told him that the people that call me for puppies only want girls, that no one seems to want a boy. He got so upset he told me he decided to prove that boys were cuter and cooler then girls.

1st he decided to go for looking cooler then the girls and put on his biker outfit because bikers are cool. I had to tell him that old ladies wore bandannas like that not bikers. So he was still not happy.

Then he put on his lion hat because he thought lions were cute and cool. 

But I had to tell him that lions ate people so they were scared of them.

That made him sad

So then he decided to put on his pirate hat because he thought everyone loved pirates but again I had to tell him that pirates were not nice people so he was grumpy again.

He knew that everyone likes me to take photos of their skin babies wearing hats so he decided to try that next, but was disappointed to learn that bulldog heads don't fit well in skin baby hats.

Then he decided to play it safe and just sit in a cup decorated in flowers, I was a little worried about telling him he looked like a girl.

Oh, come on Louie, don't be like that. I promise you don't really look like a girl. Please come back.

Fat Louie $2,200 - not a girl - and still cute, but don't tell him I said that. You know how big bulldog heads get. :)

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