Sunday, April 15, 2012

Daisy, Mickey, and bad photos

I was going through my facebook photos today and though I would add a few of the fun ones here. Many of them were taken quickly before the moment passed, so a lot of them are just cell phone photos.

 As many of you know my just turned 10 year old Chloe and Daisy are best buds. Most the photos I have of Chloe have Daisy in them, and vice versa. Daisy is rarely hanging out on her own so many of these photos have Chloe in them also.

This is Chloe's birthday party invite photos. She was having a slumber party.

This is Chloe's valentine card from a few years back. She was a sock monkey for Halloween and wanted to dress up like one again for Valentines Day card photos.

This is Chloe and Daisy asleep in MY bed, where not only are neither one of them supposed to be sleeping for the night, but they also didn't leave any room for me!

This is Chloe, newborn Diggity and momma Daisy hanging out on the sofa on an early Saturday morning. This is how we did most our early puppy work with the babies.

I love this next photo. One of the few times I actually had a good camera up stairs. This is pumpkin carving gone crazy and Daisy doing her human sit position. She is pouting that she didn't get one of those big orange "balls" That night while we slept she chewed the heck out of the last pumpkin that didn't get carved. We set it out wit the others and I said to Chloe "I told you she was jealous that she didn't get to carve a pumpkin when you did." :)

And lastly a photo of Daisy, all by herself. Know why? She's watching for the school bus. :)

We can't forget Mickey can we. We have only had him a year and like most men he hates it when I grab the camera. He refuses to go into the studio with me, and usually if he sees me coming with any type of camera, even a cell phone he runs to me and lays at my feet for a good tummy rub. Hard to take photos of him when he's practically on top of you. :) I catch him unaware now and then though, and here are a few shots of our old man.

Mickey and Kurt doing dishes shortly after Mickey came to live with us last year. After this photo I told Kurt he could help, but standing on the dish washer door was not allowed. :)

I went looking for Mickey so I could wash his face and found him here. He was so lucky those clothes were dirty. :) See the dog chew marks on the door frame behind him. That's what happens when you lock a pregnant Daisy out of her little girls bedroom. She was waking Chloe up at night to be given extra attention so we tried having her sleep just outside the door, it didn't go over to well. :)

This is Mickey pouting because he got locked in the kitchen when Daisy's pups were born.

And this is Mickey acting as an accomplice in Rudy's escape plan. Can you see Mickey's feet straight out behind him. My vets jaw hit the floor when she saw the old man could still lay like that.

For those of you who have not met Rudy the hyper Chihuahua owned by my teen who thinks EB's are gross and smelly, here is some video of him playing with the puppies during walk time.  Of course we took this back when all the babies were still here.

 He makes me love bulldogs that much more. :)

Now you can all see how bad some of my photos are, but I don't think that makes them any less cute, it's better then missing the moment. So don't be afraid to send me your puppy photos. I would rather see my babies in bad photos then not at all. :)