Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dezzy the Clown To The Rescue

I hate tech support. I hate then when you send them an email the must just read half of it. They never address the whole problem and what they do "fix" is still broken!.

You can see my 1st response to my ticket at the bottom of the screenshot, then the test emails ran by the tech support people. Then an email from Kristi, and a couple of emails from the tech people. The tech people say it is fixed because they got blue reply arrows going to their test emails, except I have replied to every email in that screen shot except to pinnerest - no reply arrow, I think they just pasted theirs on. I also am still missing all the emails from my sent folder, but they didn't even address that issue. Just closed the ticket without even a comment about it. Did they even read the whole email I sent to them???

So I am extremely frustrated this morning and getting more and more angry. Time to calm down. Watch a video and smile again. Dezzy the english bulldog puppy to the rescue.

Yea, that always cheers me up. Maybe I'll go wake all the sleeping puppies. Puppy breath, kisses, and and little balls of warm wrinkles tottering around always puts me in a good mood.

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