Monday, June 24, 2013

Old Dog New Trick

My mother stopped by yesterday for a quick visit and brought her dog with her. A corgi named Beacon. They were here for about an hour. My mom left Beacon outside but after he was done checking the outside area out he decided it was time to let himself in. The next day Mickey started doing this:

Unfortunately neither of the dogs have learned how to shut the door behind them.

BTW did I mention that Mickey runs in and out of the house all day long! Every time that door opens he thinks he has to go through it. Here's an example of how crazy this is. Mickey is laying on the dining room floor and I walk in the house. He jumps up and runs out the door, you know, because it's open. I close the door behind me and Mickey is now outside on the deck. Only he forgot why he went out there, it's hot and uncomfortable. So before I have walked more then five steps away from the door he's already opening it and coming back in the house! He does this EVERY time someone walks though that door!  I really dislike this new trick of his! :)

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